It’s the Year of the Muscle Car at Arizona Auctions


Cars are a funny thing. One year, a particular car or type of car is hot and in demand. The next, that car is “out” and the the next big thing has everyone clamoring after it. This doesn’t just happen with new cars either. No, in fact, quite the contrary, classic or “show” cars often wax and wane in popularity as well, judging by the wide disparity of the going prices of auctioned classics from one year to the next.

This year, though, is definitely the year of the muscle car. Not only are these cars all over the auction circuit, but they’re also going at great rates, which is why there’s no better time than now to purchase that muscle car you’ve always dreamed of owning.

If you still don’t believe that this is the “year of the muscle car,” consider the fact that, near the end of January, a muscle car made history at an Arizona auction. It was the first car in the auction history of the state to sell for a whopping 8 figure price, and, even if you don’t have that kind of cash, that doesn’t mean you still don’t have a chance to find your dream car at a price you can afford.

In fact, the “big deal” auction caused such a stir and a resurgence in muscle car popularity that, in the weeks following the big sale, cars were going at about a third of the price as usual. With more people willing to buy the cars, it only made sense to lower the price since a profit could still easily be made with a larger quantity of muscle cars selling.

And proving that this trend isn’t just an Arizona phenomenon, classic car auctions in other states have been having similar results as of late. Take, for example, the Mecum Auction recently held in Kissimmee, Florida. At this auction several vehicles were sold in the $1 to $2 million dollar range, as well as the $450,000 (and up) range for those with less (but still significant) money to spend.

With muscle cars going like hotcakes, you might be wondering what’s the “hottest” car you can buy. According to industry experts, Trans Ams are big right now, as are Mercury Cyclones and Ford Talladegas, all of which are going for reasonable prices at the moment, at least compared to other cars in the same category.

In spite of the recent re-popularity of these classic muscle cars, industry experts are still scratching their heads, wondering why these cars are, all of the sudden, selling so fast. Some cite a recent resurgence in the economy while others think it’s a kind of widespread nostalgia that is fueling the upward trend in classic muscle car purchases.

Whatever the cause, the fact remains- if you’ve been waiting to buy a muscle car for your collection, now is definitely the time, so strike while the (tire) iron is hot.

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