The Fundamentals of Drag Racing

The Fundamentals of Drag Racing

What is drag racing? It is a process where individuals compete with their vehicles and try to race across a finish line. This type of sport is strictly for vehicles or motorcycles. It is a pastime in America that has been widely popular in other areas of the world. How is this done?

The Beginning of the Race

The vehicles or motorcycles try to race over a short distance, which is generally a quarter of a mile and do so in the shortest possible time. The vehicles or motorcycles will race on a track, strip or course that resembles the streets across the cities of the United States. Two vehicles will line up beside each other as if they were waiting on the traffic lights to change. Once the light turns green, so to speak, the two drivers of the vehicle will take off. In this case, though, there is someone at the start line that indicates when the vehicles can go.

Where it all started

In 1950, Santa Ana, California had the first strip intended for drag race. It was on an airfield strip, but the sport increased in popularity in the southern area of California. In North America, most of the drag racing events are organized by the National Hot Rod Association. Another large organization for drag racing events is the International Hot Rod Association founded by Feld Entertainment. The difference between the two organizations is that the NHRA (National Hot Rod Association) is known for using quarter mile tracks and the International Hot Rod Association (IHRA) is known for local race tracks oversees.

Informal and Professional

During the drag race, the vehicles usually start from one end to the next, going in a straight line. Before the beginning of the race, each driver has to perform a burn out and then go to the starting line. Most informal races use an individual with a flag or the arm to wave the drivers off to a start. However, professional drag racing starts with the electronic assistance of a vertical light that is popularly known and acknowledged as ‘Christmas Tree.’ If you want to enter a professional race and need one of the best auto title loans to get started, you can apply and get a fast loan to pay the registration fees.

The Vehicle

When the race begins, the drivers advance at a high speed and the driver with the highest speed and skill will usually finish first. Officials of the race will take several measurements such as reaction time, elapsed time and speed. Vehicles are placed in different categories such as cylinder configuration, capacity of engine, type of frame, materials used to construct the vehicle and the vehicle’s horsepower and model; just to name a few.

The Bottom Line

Drivers of a drag race must have their own strategies to win the race. Performance has a lot to do with the condition of the vehicle and driver’s passion for the sport as well as the skill level. Whether you are entering a race professionally or informally, the stakes are still high because everyone wants to win.

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